You know I love you
I love you more than anything
You know I don’t want to hurt you
but all I give to you is pain
My heart breaks when I see you cry because of me
you know I’ve been trying to change
trying not to be jealous, selfish, paranoid,
possessive, narrow-minded insane’coz you’re the only one who made me feel this way
the feeling of being loved
‘coz you’re the only one who showed me the way to life
to a life full of happiness

Sometimes I think that I don’t deserve you
and its better for you if I let you go
but I know its wrong
and its the worst thing that I will do

Because I know that you love me
and you know that I cant live without you
we know that we are meant to be
we can define love from each other
you are my destiny

I wanna be with you forever
only you
only with you

Lord please help me change for the better
for the boy that you have blessed to me.

-How I miss the person who wrote this poem for me..

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