Starting All Over Again..


Love is a cycle, when you start something it will definitely end and whenever it ends there will always come a new beginning. Whether it end up in happiness or in pain, the result of it is always up to those who started it.

People tend to get bitter after break up because of the negative things that happened to them. They starts to curse the opposite sex and can no longer see the good side of an individual because of their one sided judgement. It is true that the pain that “love” brings to us is overwhelming, but won’t you agree that without real pain we can’t actually feel true happiness?.We might get afraid to fall in love again but without trying we will not know if there is really someone out there who is meant for us, that is fate.

I believe in “fate”, but it is not always an easy road to take. There will be more obstacles to come but if you won’t give up easily, no matter how many bruises you get, you will definitely meet him/her. That is then your starting point.

Are you ready now to start all over again? Don’t ask, just do it and you’ll find out.


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