The execrated me..

2014-10-21 10.01.45

Alone and insecure..

this is what love makes me.

It is the opposite of bliss

nor the cloud nine that they say.

Confused and afraid,

why do I feel this way?

Being loved and to love,

is what I feel an irony?

When your close and comforting

I try to get away.

When your far and longing

I feel free.

Don’t I love?

Do I have the right?

I feel like begging for it,

but when it’s given I refuse.

This is crazy,

can’t stop thinking how to respond.

I always feel betrayed

even though I was not, yet.

I hate myself for this.

I hate it when someone say he loves me,

when I don’t feel it that way.

Is it just me? The execrated me.


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