Fragile Butterfly

1 and 2, put together.

Then the 3, altogether.

It’s almost the day

to change 4 into 5.

The moment I’ve been waiting.

Yet, I’am terrified.

In an instant, I lost my will.

To see you, to touch you

and to be with you.

My heart beats as agile as a butterfly

flying earnestly into a vast sky.

Racing through the winds

and waiting to get it’s chance

to see a flower that gives off life.

How can I reach you now?

When I cant’t go where you might be.

I would if I could..but how?

Four Hours Ago (In My Bed)

I’am now back in my bed.
Alone and more insecure than ever.
Just four hours ago I was lying here, crying.
Agonizing myself of losing you.
Questioning myself and the wind of what am I lacking?
What am I to someone like you?
In just two words my heart shattered.
In just one move, I lose all my strenght.
I was at lost, for an instant.

I’am now back in my bed.
Playing the new track that just have been created four hours ago.
Watching it in full color in my head,
listening to it in the loudest volume
and trying to fathom it, deeply,
like my life is depending on it,
which at the moment, I believe it does.

I’am now back in my bed.
I realized that I’am not really afraid of losing you.
It is not enough.
There’s something more, something tragic.
‘Coz I’am more than terrified that I might also lose myself in the process.

I’am now back in my bed.
With a clearer vision that I’am not perfect.
I’am breakable and fragile.
I’am neither strong nor brave.
Not even unique nor precious.
I’am just something that is replaceable
and can get easily discarded.
Which might have been the case, if not four hours ago.

Right One

How can I feel so dead
When I can hear my heart beating.
How can I be numb
When I know Im hurting.

A simple joy
Gives me agony.
A sincere laughter
Leaves me empty.

Can you call this happiness?
Can you call this freedom?
Bliss in a daylight
Tears after midnight.

A simple joy
Can give you a moment of peace.
A sincere laughter
Can make you forget a little while.

But a broken piece
Will remain broken.
It’s up for you to fix it
Or probably the right one, if there is one.

The Aftermath of our Relationship

It’s tragic.

It’s like a curse.

It will blow your mind.

Overwhelm your senses

and will leave you astray.


It’s unexpected.

It’s like a thief.

It will destroy yourself.

Something you would not wish to happen

yet inevitable.


A happy relationship is not always an assurance.

Love, understanding and open mindedness.

Those are essentials, yet not enough.

Trust, honesty and loyalty.

Ideal characteristics of a partner, yet not enough.


Then, what will make “us” enough?

What can make a happy relationship lasts?

How can you make it just right?

Not too much not too little.

Just enough not to experience

and end up to the aftermath.

Doubt and The Wind

When you’re in doubt,

Close your eyes.

Feel the wind that brings that in.

Hear not the voice it screech,

but the coolness it brings.

When the wind scratched you through,

Close your eyes.

Feel the pain that it caused.

See not the way it was cut,

but the vibrant color it yield.

Doubt is poison.

It gives you insecurities and pain.

It makes you forget the good past.

It destroys your relationship,

the one that made you after all.

The wind may talk behind your back,

it may cursed you and crashed you,

but don’t.

Don’t let it pull you down.

Anyway, the wind will soon disappear.

Then, only the thoughts will remain.

Just like your pain,

only the scar will be seen.